It is a legal requirement to have a fully compliant Legionella risk assessment carried out on your rental property.

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There are a number of unorthodox. Legionella service providers which do not provide credible protection policy against prosecution.

  • Laptop risk assessments and Legionella water test kits from a local retailer do not provide a full protection policy nor in some cases any guarantee of results.
  • It is recommended by NLIC that full protection policy is provided by a risk assessment covering all forms of Legionella and that a water sample is obtained for laboratory testing (if there is a deemed risk).

In Your Interest

  • Our advice is to ask your service provider to indemnify you against prosecution. Ask them to supply free replacement water tank/shower heads (in the event of a deemed risk).

  • Ask them for witness support.

  • Ask them to train your staff for free.

  • Ask them to fix their rates for a period of time.

  • Ensure they do not charge for any secondary call-outs.

What to do:

  • Do not pay upfront for any services.
  • Do not let any provider have access to your database.
  • Make sure the supplier will carry your protection policy in a court of law.
  • Use services that provide full protection policy. Ask to see the protection policy and company insurance cover.