It is a legal requirement to have a fully compliant Legionella risk assessment carried out on your rental property.

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Letting Agents and Landlords suppliers risk assessment.

Ask the following questions:

  • 01. Are you being provided with any protection policy? Yes or No

  • 02. Are you being provided with witness support? Yes or No

  • 03. In the event of a risk, are you being provided with replacement shower heads and/or water tank for Free? Yes or No

  • 04. Are you being charged for additional call-out/property visits? Yes or No

  • 05. Are you having to pay for training your staff? Yes or No

  • 06. Are any water tests that need to be taken included in the contract price? Yes or No

  • 07. Is your supplier maintaining all records for a period of 5 years? Yes or No

  • 08. Are you sure your database is not being taken by a hidden back-office system? Yes or No

  • 09. Is your supplier providing an ongoing monthly duty of care procedure? Yes or No

  • 10. Are you being charged money in advance of work being carried out? Yes or No

If your answer is “No” to any of the questions from 1-9 you are seriously at risk.

If you have answered “Yes” to question 10 you should only be paying once the work is carried out.