It is a legal requirement to have a fully compliant Legionella risk assessment carried out on your rental property.

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NLIC has the following to state:

Contrary to certain membership-based authorities in the letting industry we believe some information may be misleading to their members

Full clarification:

  • 01. It is against the law for a landlord not to have a Legionella risk assessment carried out on their rented property.
  • 02. A duty holding letting agent is also at risk as they are jointly responsible.
  • 03. A tenant has the right to be informed and see the risk assessment.
  • 04. There are third party risk assessors abusing this law and water testing is not required by law unless there is a deemed risk.
  • 05. All training of staff should be free as should water testing itself if required, replacement water tanks and shower heads if required.
  • 06. All suppliers should support their risk assessments with protection policy and warranties failing which their risk assessment is pointless as legionnaires disease is in the water itself and can be triggered at any time even after an inspection has taken place.
  • 07. In the event of any conflicting information from any other industry governing body or industry watch dogs we would recommend and advise that you visit the HSE website and read the information for yourself, as it is quite clear what a landlord and joint duty care holders responsibilities are.